Chô Denji Machine Voltes V, épisode 1 vosta

Ep.1|Super Electromagnetic Machine Voltes Ⅴ:超電磁マシーン ボルテスV【BANDAI SPIRITS】

【Ep.1】Invaders from Space

For liberation from Boazan and to see our father again! V Together! Let's Volt-In!

A distant planet called Boazan sent forces to invade Earth. Their commander, Prince Heinel, committed a robot—the beast fighter Dokugaga—to an all-out attack and annihilated Earth's defense forces. However, these events were not unforeseen for some. The children of the late Dr. Go have teamed up with two other youths to ride in Volt Mechas—together, the five of them form one giant robot!

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